Garden Felix – Sweet rocket ‘pretty flowers’

Garden Felix - Sweet rocket 'pretty flowers'
Garden Felix - Sweet rocket 'pretty flowers'

Sweet rocket, is a pretty biennial, bearing white or purple flowers – similar to honesty.

A packet of sweet rocket seeds will likely produce flowers varying in colour, from deep rich purple, right through to all the paler lilac shades to white.

Leave them to seed and they will maintain this diversity indefinitely, gradually naturalising over a large area.

The flowers’ fragrance is as sweet as a violet’s, and most pronounced in the evening.

Their pollen and nectar-rich flowers are perfect for attracting bees, beneficial insects, butterflies, moths and other pollinators into the garden.

Sweet rocket looks good when allowed to drift, naturally, through an informal sunny or partially shaded border, of well drained, light, sandy soil.

Sow seeds in late spring where you want them to flower and dead-head spent blooms, to prolong flowering.

Allow some flowers to go to seed,  so the plants can self-seed around the garden.


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