• Unfortunately, due to the latest coronavirus legislation the Sunday Tea Party charity aid for Neuroblastoma sufferer Isla Caton has been cancelled, until further notice.

By Andrew Atkinson

Two businesses in Los Montesinos have got together in their efforts to raise funds for Isla Caton. And to help new businesses.

Isla was diagnosed in March 2017 with a rare child cancer called Neuroblastom.

This is a particularly aggressive form of cancer that has spread to her bones and bone marrow.

Only 100 children in the UK get neuroblastoma every year and immunotherapy – which involves the injection of an antibody therapy – is not currently available on the NHS.

Benefactors are trying to raise £192,000 to get her to USA as soon as she finishes her UK treatment so that she can receive the Bivalent vaccine in Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer hospital in New York, that can prevent her neuroblastoma returning.

Six-year-old Isla has been fighting Neuroblastoma for four years, undergoing treatment in both the UK and Spain.

Having undergone treatment in Spain Isla returned to the UK, where she is now taking part in a new medical trial in Southampton.

The Little Painter and Chimes Kitchen are holding an ‘Afternoon Tea’ on Saturday January 30, from 3-5pm, at Chimes Kitchen, in situ in the square, Los Montesinos, to raise funds for Isla’s cause.

“Come and enjoy lovely food, have a glass of Cava, fab company and hopefully in the sunshine!

“All social distancing COVID-19 measures are in place. Most importantly we are raising awareness and funds for Isla,” said a spokesperson.

The cost is 15€ per head, of which €5 will be donated to Isla. Bookings, contact: chimeskitchen@outlook.com

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