Chronic regional pain syndrome (chronic pain winter), or CRPS, is characterized by prolonged inflammation and pain. The condition may be triggered by, among other things, extreme temperature changes in winter.

Although there’s no known cure for CRPS, a combination of psychological support and physical treatments can help manage and even improve symptoms of the same. These can be paid for with CRPS compensation.

Most people suffering/living with the condition have, however, come up with ways of managing the condition, especially during the cold winter season. Outlined below are some of the best ways to deal with CRPS during winter. These tips are divided into four sections;

  1. General Tips (applicable to all)
  2. Upper Limb (those with painful hands and arms)
  3. Lower Limb (pain in legs and feet),
  4. Lifestyle (what you can do to manage the condition in winter)

1. General Tips

a.Use a Heated Throw or Blanket

A heated blanket helps keep your body warm throughout the night, thus reducing the effects of the biting cold. Thousands of people have attested to using these blankets to help improve the symptoms of CRPS.  The soothing heat that these blankets produce is gentle on your skin and especially the affected/inflamed areas.

One of the most preferred and premium blankets is the Dreamland Relaxwell Deluxe Faux Fur Heated Throw, which costs around £119. You can also get almost the same performance with the more affordable Homefront Electric Heated Throw Blanket for just under £50. While it may seem cheap, the Homefront heated throw blankets have more than 400 positive reviews, hence worth your money.

b. Heating Pad

Heating pads use almost the same technology and approach as heated blankets, only that they can only be used on the target/affected part.  One of the advantages of using heating pads is the fact that they are versatile and remote-controlled, hence can be set to produce just the right amount of heat. Some of the best heating pads on the market cost around £32, thus quite affordable to all.

While heating pads are some of the best and handy tools for managing CRPS, one must be careful not to aggravate the condition or suffer burns. This is because CRPS may affect the body’s ability to detect heat, meaning you might not know if the heating pad is too hot or not.

You thus need to test the pads first before placing them on the affected area. You could also opt for disposable heating pads, e.g., Cura Heat Pads, which only activate when exposed to cold air. These pads provide at least 24 hours of warmth and can be worn under your clothes, hence discreet.

c. Epsom Salt Baths

Nothing beats a nice warm Epsom salt bath, especially when dealing with CRPS. The warm bath alone does an excellent job of relieving chronic pains, at least for a moment. However, adding Epsom Salts to your bath amplifies its pain-relieving properties, helping you forget about the pain. You might also want to use medical-grade Epsom Salts to avoid making the condition worse. You can buy these from your local pharmacy or online on Amazon.

d. Soft, Comfortable Pyjamas

Having just the right pajamas on can have a significant impact in reducing the symptoms of CRPS. The only challenge here is to find a comfortable enough fabric and one that your skin can tolerate. Trying out several different types from several brands is, however, the only best way to find the right one for the condition.

You might also want to try out Primark pajamas – many people have attested to finding comfort in them. Other brands, such as Marks and Sparks, make good quality and comfortable nightwear for kids, women, and men alike.

2. Upper Limb (Arms And Hands) Care Tips

a. Use Hand Warmers

Hand warmers are among the most preferred remedy for CRPS. They work by keeping your hands and arms warm for at least 8 hours. The best thing about hand warmers is that they are air-activated. This means they are only activated when exposed to the cold air, which again reduces the risk of exposing your arms and hands to cold air.

Some of the best hand warmers, such as the Hot Rox, are rechargeable and available at just £22.  The Hot Rox hand warmers can be recharged up to 500 times and give out 6-hours’ worth of warmth. You could also try out several other reputable brands on the market as well.

b. Horse Bandages

As weird as it may sound, fleece horse bandages are a handy home remedy for managing CRPS. The bandage helps keep your arms warm and comfortable without triggering an allergic reaction. Horse bandages are specially designed to be soft, comfortable, and long enough to wrap an entire arm.

They are also more affordable than the other options outlined above. As an added advantage, you can choose your preferred horse bandage from the wide range of options and colors on the market today. These come incredibly in handy when traveling or out and about, especially in winter.

3.  For Painful Feet And Legs

a. Sheepskin Boots And Slippers

Sheepskin boots are not only warm and comfortable to wear but can also help keep the pain away.   Unlike other options outlined here, these flurry boots can be quite expensive. The UGG boots, for example, although costly, are durable and can last for years.

These boots are specially designed to help keep your feet and legs warm, comfortable and provide excellent arch support. If these seem too expensive for your taste, you can then try the Celtic and Co boots.

However, a little bit of research and experience may be required if looking for cheaper options for sheepskin boots and slippers. That said, owning these will prove to be the best investment you ever made, and especially if living with CRPS. They are comfortable and soft enough to keep your feet warm and calm all through the winter.

We would recommend getting a pair of these comfortable sheepskin boots and another pair of slippers for daily use. These will help reduce the risk of aggravating symptoms of CRPS, allowing you to lead a normal, painless life.

b.  Warm, Comfortable Socks

A pair of socks might be the last thing on your mind if/when dealing with CRPS. As much as you’d wish to set your feet free, getting yourself a pair of good quality, soft, and comfortable socks can help keep the pain at bay. You might, however, want to start with socks made of natural fibers to avoid overheating or sweating, which could trigger a myriad of reactions.

If your skin isn’t as sensitive, you can try the comfortable Cashmere bed socks or the more affordable Alpaca bed socks. For those with plenty of time on their hands and love knitting, you can as well knit away a pair of comfortable socks to help fight the condition.

c. Foot Warmers

Foot warmers are another handy remedy for dealing with CRPS. Produced by the same company that makes hand warmers, foot warmers help keep your feet warm for up to 8 hours.  The best thing about these is that they can easily fit in your shoes and socks, hence discreet.

You might also want to invest in rechargeable heated insoles that can be controlled wirelessly. Be sure to check ratings and reviews about the product before making an order of the same online.