• The wild boars were killed on the CV-905 Torrevieja-Crevillente highway while crossing from the Natural Park

By Andrew Atkinson

Two wild boars were unfortunately killed at the Los Montesinos roundabout on the CV-905 Torrevieja-Crevillente highway, while crossing from the Natural Park.

Wild boar populations can be found in Sierra de Escalona and Dehesa de Campoamor, the Pedrera reservoir Torremendo and Mar Menor field.

They can also be found in the Torrevieja Rambla de la Fayona, nearby Torrevieja Natural Park and other forest or natural areas.

Photographs: Fernando Guardiola.

Wild boars are deemed very dangerous – due to their aggressive behaviour – underlined by being carriers of diseases, including tuberculosis, hepatitis E and influenza A.

Wild boar cause thousands of road accidents annually throughout Spain, which have caused serious injuries to drivers of vehicles.

Attacks by wild boar – a male European animal can reach up to 100kg – on people are rare, but can occur when they are cornered, threatened or wounded.

If you encounter a wild boar stay calm and walk away slowly – do not attempt to approach or feed it.

Do not corner or provoke and if you see adults with young piglets, leave them alone.

Living in family groups, although some may be solitary, the Spanish wild boar becomes nocturnal when harassed.

Diet includes vegetable matter, also small animals and carrion. Wild boar have a very good sense of smell and hearing, fair eyesight, being a fast runner and strong swimmer.

In the Galacia region four road accidents a day occur, due to wild boar. Deemed a pest in many Spanish cities, culling has been undertaken in recent times.