The vaccine arrived at Manises airport at 6:50 am this morning and is now being distributed to care homes.

The Department Health is resuming it’s vaccination program against Covid-19 in care homes across the Valencian Community following the “logistical problem” suffered by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, which, yesterday, prevented it from distributing vaccines to several European countries, including Spain.

The vaccines arrived at 6:50 am on Tuesday morning at the Manises airport and are being escorted by the Civil Guard. This is the first large shipment to reach the Community: there are 30,000 doses in total for the Valencian Community in a ‘package’ which also includes a consignment for Murcia.

The resumption of vaccination will now take place this Tuesday in some residences, depending on the arrival time of the doses at the three distribution centres.

The Valencian Community began it’s vaccination program against the coronavirus on Sunday with 775 doses of the Pfizer vaccine in seven nursing homes. As of now, each week, Pfizer is committed to delivering around 30,000 doses. Alicante will receive 10,000 doses, Castellón, 5,000, and 16,000 will go to the province of Valencia.

Following completion of the vaccination program in nursing homes the next group will be health personnel with the vaccinations carried out according to the availability of the doses.

In total on Tuesday, Spain received 369,525 doses of the Pfizer vaccine.


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