A geophysical survey was carried out in Orihuela after Christmas using a georadar, in order to confirm the layout of the medieval walls in the city.

Councillor Rafael Almagro said, “It is a non-invasive technique, regularly used in archaeology, but for the first time in Orihuela.” It pinpoints the structure of the subsoil from the transmission of electromagnetic impulses, due to the presence of buried structures or lithological variations in the soil.

The project was funded by the Department of Historical Heritage, and carried out by the company Oppida S.L. at a cost of € 3,627.58.

Six areas were surveyed from which the data collected is still being gathered together. Once this is done the data will be processed and studied, which will still take several days, “after which we will be able to learn about new aspects of the city’s medieval defensive system,” said Almagro.


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