Rafal now has two new defibrillators that have been issued to the Local Police. The purchase was made with a grant from the Alicante Provincial Council.

The decision was made to issue them to the police who will carry them in their patrol vehicles, allowing officers to quickly attend to anyone who suffers a cardiorespiratory arrest and thus increase their chances of survival while waiting for the arrival of emergency services.

It is now intended to purchase further equipment for the Sports Hall.

Rafal has a project chosen by the public in its participatory budgets called ‘Rafal Cardioprotegido’. It is planned to be launched in 2021 as it had to be postponed due to the pandemic.

It will include talks, workshops, etc. aimed at the entire population, from young people to retirees. “The intention is that we all know how to act effectively in the event of a cardiorespiratory arrest, choking or any other action that requires prompt attention until the emergency services arrive,” said the councillor, Manuel Pineda.


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