Andrew Atkinson Chief Sports Editor

Valencia 1st Regional Group 10 Racing San Miguel player Dani O’Rourke has been sidelined until February, after sustaining a sprain of the internal ligament of his right knee, joining a long list of injuries at the club.

“Despite the significant casualties we have, if something has shown this team, is that it is capable of opposing any adversity,” Dani told The Leader.

With fixtures set to resume on January 10 after the festive break, Dani said: “The matches will be taken with dedication and a lot of work.

“The squad are delighted that they return to the white mountain. The fans are the twelfth player – the ones who push us not to lower our arms – and take the games.”

Dani suffered injury against Monnegre Mutxamel on December 19: “It is estimated that Dani will be out of action for a month and a half, approximately.

“The loss adds to the long list of injuries that has reduced the squad in recent months,” said a spokesperson from the club.

Racing San Miguel Miguel casualties include Richard: Sprain of the internal knee ligament.

Vasquinho: meniscus operation; Antonio: bone edema in the foot; Javi: ankle sprain; Esteban: quadriceps tear.

“Encouragement is sent to the injured players so that they continue working on their recoveries, and will return soon.

“We are confident that the new year will bring us joys in the form of recoveries, that we will increase our numbers for the game on January 10, and that all of them can enjoy football as they deserve,” said a spokesperson.