By Andrew Atkinson

Racing San Miguel youth team have something to cheer about in the coronavirus situation – with 2020 proving to be a good time, results-wise.

The points continued to stack up with a 3-0 win against Orihuela CF Youth in the last game going into the festive break, under coach Adrian.

A notable game was Racing San Miguel’s victory against Bigastro in December: “The match became a monologue of occasions for San Miguel throughout the game, only derailed by a fantastic performance by the goalkeeper.

Racing San Miguel youth: Closer to their goals aided by wins.

“Bigastro fought and competed well, but the defensive discipline prevented them from scoring.

“Another triumph, that brought the youth team closer to their goals, and helps them keep working and learning from victory,” said a club spokesperson.

Racing San Miguel racked-up a third consecutive win against Crevillente Deportivo, gaining a 5-1 win with goals by Morgan, Ivan, Lopez, Sam and Cristian for the Sanmigueleros, prior to the victory against Orihuela CF.