La Finca Fillies is a group for women, that began in January 2019,  for women that lived/ had holidays on La Finca Golf.  This grew to include the surrounding  areas  of Lo Crispin, Algorfa and close areas.

Initially it was a  girly get together, but realised we could put it to better use, and raise money for charities in the process. To do this for €1 per go we play Bingo, do a Quiz specific to the special day that we have the meeting and a raffle. We have a lot of fun, prizes are donated from the members which there over 100 now. This helps keep the money in the pot and not needed for purchases.

We meet once a month for lunch and sometimes an evening event.

We also have days out to other towns.  We have several very talented girls that make an array of crafts which we sell at local events i.e.  xmas fayre, McMillan day and any Fiestas held on the La Finca commercial area.

2019 we contributed considerable ammounts to the families of the surrounding areas that were victims of the floods.   And the left over money in the pot was voted to be sent to Cancer research here in Spain.

We meet once a month for lunch and sometimes an evening event.

2020 however has been a little different re Covid 19 restrictions. This did not stop us raising money. Even though we couldn’t meet, we played on line Bingo, which also helped boost moral. We also raised money for the McMillan day in September and Elf day for Alzheimer’s in December. It will be decided at by all the attendees at January’s anniversary meeting where the remainder of our charity pot will go this year.

Every October we have an Annual Auction night meeting,   there are no games played, instead everyone brings along any unwanted gift or item to Auction off. In 2019 the money went to the families effected by the floods where the money helped to purchase Fridges, washing macines and doors.

This year we explored the Orphanage in Orihuela, and after discussions with the director there and the fundraiser coordinator. We raised over €1200 which was spent on an individual gift for each if the 54 children there and the €780 left after this was given in Vouchers to spend at Primark, for clothes, shoes, warm coats etc.

These were presented to the director of the Orphanage at our December xmas jumper day meeting.