The Valencian Community has registered 622 new cases of coronavirus confirmed by PCR or through antigen tests, which puts the total number of positives at 128,969 people.

By province, the distribution of new positives is as follows: 37 in Castellón (14,048 in total);  249 in Alicante (43,179 in total), and 336 in the province of Valencia (71,740 in total). In addition, a case has been reassigned to the province of Valencia, so there are still 2 cases not assigned.

Since the last update there have been 1,878 cases cured, bringing that total to 122,782 people in the Valencian Community who have overcome the disease since the pandemic began.

By provinces: 13,704 in Castellón, 41,397 in Alicante and 67,621 in Valencia. In addition, there are 60 unassigned discharges. Thus, there are currently 15,104 active cases, which represents 10.74% of the total positives.

Valencian hospitals currently have 1,391 people admitted to the wards: 123 in the province of Castellón, with 17 patients in ICU;  359 in the province of Alicante, 81 of them in the ICU; and 909 in the province of Valencia, 134 of them in ICU.

There have been 20 deaths from coronavirus registered since the last update, so the total number of deaths is now 2,738 people: 356 in the province of Castellón, 966 in Alicante and 1,416 in Valencia. In the case of Alicante, there are two more deaths since Friday.

The total number of tests carried out for the detection of the coronavirus amounts to 1,954,339, of which 1,786,891 have been through PCR and 167,448 through rapid test.

To date, there are positive cases in 101 nursing homes (7 in the province of Castellón, 31 in the province of Alicante and 63 in the province of Valencia), 18 centres of functional diversity (4 in the province of Castellón, 4 in the province of Alicante and 10 in the province of Valencia) and 4 centres for children in the province of Valencia.

Positive new residents: 31 – Positive New Workers: 14 – Deceased residents: 9

Currently, 24 residences in the Valencian Community are under active surveillance by the Ministry of health: 11 in the province of Alicante and 13 in the province of Valencia.


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