• There are now 204 deaths from coronavirus in the region, 120 in the Torrevieja Health Department and 84 in Orihuela, while infections have risen to 8,490 since March, with 277 new cases in the last three days

La Vega Baja now exceeds 200 deaths from coronavirus since the start of the pandemic, after adding eleven more deaths in the last week. These were the sad figures provided in the latest data update from the  Ministry of Health.

There are now 204 deaths registered, 120 in the Torrevieja Health Department and 84 in Orihuela, six of them in the last three days. A situation that worries the health authorities who see how the second wave of the pandemic is affecting the municipalities of the Vega Baja more than the first. Of the six deaths in the last three days,

Three deaths have occurred in the Orihuela Health Department and another three in Torrevieja, according to the data updated this Friday by the Ministry of Health.

Two of the deaths were in Rojales and one each in the municipalities of Cox, Daya Nueva, Orihuela and San Fulgencio. In addition, both health departments in the region have reported 277 new positives in three days, which brings to  8,490 the number of cases of coronavirus in the Vega Baja  since the pandemic began, 5,375 in the Orihuela Department of Health and 3,115 in the from Torrevieja.

The six deaths in three days are in addition to the five reported earlier in the week in the municipalities of Benejúzar, Benferri, Benijófar, Formentera del Segura and Guardamar del Segura.

The pressure on the Intensive Care Units, however, has fallen in recent days, after the rebound in cases that occurred in the Orihuela Health Department that forced the health authorities to impose new restrictive measures and the Hospital Vega Baja  to launch its  contingency plan with an increase in beds with respirators in the ICU.

In the last 14 days, 372 new cases of coronavirus have been detected in the Orihuela Health Department, which serves 18 municipalities in the interior of the Vega Baja, where a total of 84 people have died during the health crisis so far.

In the Torrevieja Health Department, 120 people have died since March and in the last two weeks 165 new cases of coronavirus have been reported, according to the Ministry of Health. Between both departments there have been 537 new cases in two weeks.