The RODEARTE de Libros Feria del Libro Rojales 2020 was staged on December 13 with the presentation and signature of local authors, both Spanish and English.

The third edition of the RODEARTE de Libros, took place in the Malecón del Soto, in contrast to being staged at the Cuevas del Rodeo with the participation of authors from other localities and from various Writers Associations.

The event was enlivened with the music of Juan el Avispero, the monologue of the Rojalero El Mindango, and the songs of rapper Tanaka.

“Many thanks to all of them, and to Silvia Cartagena, who, with her great sympathy and pleasure, presented them,” said a spokesperson.

Los Montesinos author/journalist and Leader writer Andrew Atkinson was an invited guest.

Inma Chazarra on behalf of the RODEARTE de Libros, said: “It has been a pleasure to share this day with Andrew and I would like him to come back next year.”

Andrew said: “It was an honour and pleasure to be at the RODEARTE de Libros Feria del Libro Rojales 2020.”

Leading authors who attended, included Jose Gonzalez, Mark Durman and Manuel Fernando Estevez.