Ruby is a foot health care practitioner who has recently moved to Spain, establishing herself on the Orihuela Costa. She has been practicing for over 5 years, mostly dealing with home visits in the general area.

Speaking to the Leader Ruby told me, “I really enjoy meeting people and building long term relationships. I visit my clients in the comfort of their own homes which can be especially useful to those without transport or the many people I meet who simply find it difficult to travel to a chiropodist.”

Ruby can treat people with diabetes and other health problems. She will treat you in the comfort of your home where she can trim and file nails, treat fungal nails, deal with corns and hard skin as well as painting your nails, purely for the ladies of course.

She can provide you with a wide range of good quality polished and she will provide a relaxing massage at the end of the treatment leaving you all at ease and pampered.

Although many of Ruby’s clients are retired it is important that we take care of our feet, whatever our age.

Poor foot health can impede work performance and even result in lost time from work. And with poor foot health, you’re less likely to engage in physical activity. The result is a higher risk of disease, such as heart disease and diabetes, reduced endurance and loss of muscle mass.

It is particularly important that we also take good care of our feet in later life. It lowers our risk of having a fall and reduces our risk of infection, as well as relieving pain.

So if you’re suffering from foot problems, or if you simply want to give your feet the treatment that they deserve, do not delay.

Give Ruby a call today and get back on the road to recovery and to better foot healthcare. Your mobile Foot Healthcare Specialist.

Call her now on +34 711 098 085 or email her at:


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