Stewards enquiry after jockey Moore’s ‘rude’ interview with Sky Sports

Howzat!: Freddie Flintoff and reporter Atkinson.

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  • Quote: ‘A pre-madonna footballer phoned – ‘effing and jeffing’ – after an interview in England appeared in the Scottish press. It was only for the English papers they ranted!’

By Andrew Atkinson Chief Sports Editor

Sky Sports presenter and former jockey Leonna Mayor slammed ‘rude’ jockey Ryan Moore – for cutting short an awkward interview live on TV.

Mayor claimed Moore had made himself and interviewer Bob Cooper ‘look stupid’ by walking off during the interview at Wolverhampton racecourse, after a winning ride on Moonlight In Paris.

Ryan Moore: stewards enquiry after ‘rude’ interview with Sky Sports. Photo: Twitter.

It is customary in racing for winning jockeys to be interviewed after races, before weighing in.

Mayor said: “The TV rights are a huge part of keeping racecourses even going – especially in times like these (COVID-19). Who is Ryan Moore, without racecourses?

“Not the first time. Rude and unnecessary! But can’t say I’m surprised.”

As a reporter of four decades I have had a fair share of so called sports ‘stars’ – who have been prima-donnas – when it comes to interviews.

From international football managers – who snubbed an interview with yours truly.

One former England manager said he doesn’t do pre-season interviews. An England manager, a player at the time, said he’d need permission, before he could speak. The interview didn’t take place.

Another spat his ‘dummy out’, in a post-match press conference, when asked about referee’s decisions. An interview I have on tape.

Another football pre-madonna once phoned me – ‘effing and jeffing’ – after quotes from an interview in England appeared in the Scottish press! It was only for the English papers they ranted!

Ex-Managers, including all four home international football teams England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, have all obliged interviews with me.

Players too – including Brazilian star Juninho, the late Sir Tom Finney, Sir Bobby Robson, and legendary Wales international John Charles, are top names interviewed. Robson went out of his way to phone me.

Nigel Benn, former world boxing champion; England cricket star Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff; snooker stars Alex Higgins, Jimmy White, Steve Davis, Stephen Hendry, Ronnie O’Sullivan – the Rocket exclusive for the Mail On Sunday – have all obliged.

Sri Lanka’s cricket star Muttiah Mullathithrian refused.

The Sport of Kings – horseracing – interviews undertaken with leading trainers and jockeys, include Sir Anthony McCoy.

What those so-called sports stars who refuse interviews with the media don’t seem to realise they are snubbing the fans that idolise them – and pay their wages – when snubbing the media.

An ex-Premier League and international player refused an interview, unless he was paid handsomely for his troubles. He was given a straight red card!

In Ryan Moore’s case a Stewards enquiry should take place.

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