Mojácar Council’s Culture Department, in collaboration with Almería Provincial Council, organized a theatre workshop for the fourth year pupils at Bartolomé Flores School.

Initially, it was planned to take place at the Centro de Usos Múltiples and to also include pupils from other years, but due to the rain and social distancing measures, it was held in their school theatre room with two sessions that complied to all Covid 19 protocols.

All the youngsters, aged 8 and 9 years old, enthusiastically took part in a performance of “Soñando Cuentos”, created by “Axioma Teatro.”  Reading, listening, imaging, touching, and participating, are just some of the methods this company used to liven up and excite the children throughout the morning, while telling tales, short stories, with puppets and music.

They also showed them how, by using something as simple as boxes with scissors, glue, and a lot of imagination, you can discover a whole new imaginary world.

The Culture Councillor, Raquel Belmonte, who attended the event, was keen to stress the attempts the Council are making, despite all the current difficulties, to continue promoting cultural pastimes for all ages. “The efforts of the Council, she said, are very positive in this regard and we will continue to organize and schedule new activities every month.”


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