Hospital pressure continues to decline and now stands at levels similar to those of a month ago, with fewer than 400 patients with coronavirus in the Alicante province

Patients with covid-19 admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) has also decreased to less than a hundred for the first time in two weeks , after it recorded further decline in the occupancy of hospital beds yesterday. The number of patients in ICU are now 99, a figure similar to that 2 weeks ago on 13 November. The decline, although very slow, has been almost constant since November 20, with the sole exception of a rebound on November 23.

On a cautionary note, however, the 64 deaths recorded in the Province must also be a contributing factor to the lower occupation of ICU beds, however, after yesterday’s data update, hospitals in the province now have a total of 391 patients with coronavirus, 27 less than on Friday. The number has been in continuous decline since the peak experienced on 23 November when it stood at 531.

Across the whole of the Valencian Community there are currently 1,259 admitted to hospital, of which 282 are in the ICU.

The number of daily cases also seems to be stabilising. Yesterday 393 new infections were reported in the Alicante region bringing the total since March to 35,124.

In the province of Castellón 104 new cases were recorded, and another 704 in Valencia, which leaves the accumulated number of infections in the Valencian Community at 102,654.

Between Friday and yesterday, 16 new coronavirus outbreaks were identified across the autonomous territory, of which two are in the province of Alicante. The most important is in Elda, where there are seven cases, with a work origin, while the other is of four cases of a social origin in Alcoy.


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