Murcia’s Official Gazette, published on Friday, gives the green light for the start of regional competitions of both grassroots and amateur sports, as well as the presence of the public at sporting events.

The Order says that “the presence of the public is allowed at any sporting activity or competition of an autonomous nature that is held in the Region of Murcia provided that the following requirements are met: mandatory use of a mask, temperature measurement (max. 37.5oC), registration of all those attending, all members of the public must be seated with the minimum distance of a seat between attendee “.

In addition, all clubs that allow public access must first make an official request to the General Directorate of Sports together with an action protocol, which must also include a plan for entry and departure at the facilities.

The capacity will be limited to 75% if the incidence of covid is low, and to 50% if it is higher, according to the criteria established by the Autonomous Community.

For training and competitions at the grassroots and amateur levels, participants must always wear a mask. However the authorisation is currently at odds with the municipal border confinement, as many athletes belong to clubs in other municipalities. Therefore, until 9 December, despite the new order, players may not, in theory, go to another municipality to train or play games.


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