Real estate is one of the most popular forms of investment in these modern days.

The recent technological advancements have made this process of buying and selling more transparent and accessible. The seller gets an opportunity to take their offer to the people across the world. At the same time, the buyers get a wide range of choices.

But, what about your dream property that doesn’t have a “for sale” board on it? Or, what about an empty building in your neighborhood? To buy such a property, one requires information, most notably the name and owner’s contact. You can offer a price for purchasing the property to its owner.

Thus, one needs to do the property owner lookup with the help of sites like Radaris to find out such information. Depending upon the medium you use, you can get it quickly or pull out the procedure for several hours or days.

Finding the property owner using the Internet

There are various ways of finding the owner of a property on the web itself. Don’t be surprised. The Internet is an ocean of knowledge and information. Using the correct trick (website or keyword) can bring the right information to you. The following are some standard methods to do property owner lookup to find out information about it.

  • Using Country Tax Assessor Office

Owning any property on the country’s land asks for payment of taxes. Hence, the country’s tax assessor office must have information about the property in their records. You can visit their official site to check the documents online. One needs to know the estate’s street address to run a search about it in the country’s database.

Knowing the plot, lot, or block number can give you more precise results.

The information you will collect from the Tax Assessor’s website includes:

  • name of the property owner
  • contact details of the owner
  • most recent appraisals of the property, including its dimensions and other features.

You can also find out the Assessor’s Identification Number (AIN) using Nationwide Environmental Title Research’s (NETROnline) public records. This process is a lot easier, given that you don’t have to deal with complicated government websites. The website lists down the links to the country’s Treasurer, Assessor, and recorder offices. Bringing the AIN to the assessor’s office to which the property belongs can also give you information about it, or you can search the web using that number.

  • Using Property Deeds

If the method mentioned above didn’t work out, you could visit the country’s recorder office to find a property owner. The recorder of deeds can fill you with information regarding the ownership of the property and its transfer. You’ll get tons of documents related to the property over there, like the owner’s name, acreage it has, the tax payment made to date, and many more.

Knowing the plot can help you in gaining more information. Some countries also provide this information over their official site. Use NETROnline to connect to the appropriate site for doing owner lookup.

  • Using websites that provide Advanced Property Data

 Many websites provide information about the properties and their owners. These sites search all the public records and provide you with a full report with details about everything, including sales history and tax.

Some of these websites are given below:

  • PropertyShark

It is one of the most popular tools to do property owners lookup over the web. This site uses the public record to provide us with the information we need on a property before purchasing it.

Just by entering the address of a property, you can search about its owner. PropertyShark provides the owner’s name, mailing address, available phone numbers, and other tools to research the individual or LLC more.

  • Radaris

It is one of the best real estate search engines available on the web. Just by entering the property address, you can get all the information available over the web about it. This tool can also be used to run a background check on a tenant.

The information available over here is legitimate, bought from special data providers. It claims to own one of the most comprehensive sets of public records. The report of Radaris includes the name of the owner, his address, phone number, and other information related to him. Moreover, you can find additional information about the neighborhood.


Technology has empowered us. Now, it depends on how you use it for your benefit. As you saw above, there are many methods to find information about a property. The way you opt for must depend on your needs and goals and the location of the property.