• Sir Bruce Forsyth was out of this world – special. I was blessed to have known him – his death was devastating news
  • Stephanie Beacham was certainly a Diva! She’s a big star – everybody was scared of her!
  • Edwina Currie was my favourite – enthusiastic about Strictly Come Dancing – she’s still dancing, doing the Cha-cha-cha!

Andrew Atkinson talks to Strictly Come Dancing star, Costa Blanca based VINCENT SIMONE in Part 2 of a Leader Exclusive.

VINCENT Simone, who left Strictly Come Dancing the day legendary presenter Sir Bruce Forsyth passed away, said he will always have wonderful memories of the late veteran showman.

“After eight years with Strictly Come Dancing I decided it was time to move on and my final appearance was the day Sir Bruce Forsyth died,” said Vincent.

“The day Sir Bruce passed away left me devastated,” said Italian dancing star Vincent.

Entertainer-presenter Sir Bruce Forsyth, whose career spanned 70 years, died in 2017, aged 89: “Sir Bruce Forsyth was out of this world. Special.

“He turned up before the show went live to the nation and he would sing, and take people out of the audience, and started dancing with them. I was blessed to have known him,” said Vincent.

Vincent, who has set up classes twice-weekly at The Lakeview in Ciudad Quesada,  dancing partners on Strictly Come Dancing included actress Stephanie Beacham and former Tory politician Edwina Currie.

Diva Stephanie Beacham and Vincent Simone.

“There’s divas and DIVAS – Stephanie Beacham was certainly a Diva!,” revealed Vincent.

Speaking about the former Dallas TV star, Vincent said: “She wasn’t really happy – and it showed – we were the first couple to be voted out in 2007!

“Stephanie is a big star – and everybody was scared of her! We worked so well together, but she didn’t enjoy the show itself, she didn’t get into it, due to other issues.

“Edwina Currie was my favourite! She was really enthusiastic about being in Strictly and loved the dancing and the costumes,” said Vincent, whose dancing partner in Spain is Georgia born, Torrevieja-based star Katie Street.

“Edwina is the only one I know of, that has continued to carry on dancing after being my partner.

“She calls me to let me know she’s still dancing, doing the Cha-Cha-Cha!”.

*The Leader Exclusive interview P3 with Vincent Simone continues next week – talking about life after Strictly Come Dancing and family life in Spain. KEEP DANCING – ONLY IN THE COSTA BLANCA AND COSTA CALIDA LEADER!