A cheery story for a change amid Covid doom and gloom.

This is Catherine from Torrevieja donating a fabulous 500 euros to ADAT (Association of Defenders of Animals of Torrevieja) based at the municipal Albergue (animal shelter) in Avenida Los Nénufares, beside the fire station.

ADAT helps provide many things outwith the remit of the Town Hall, such as more expensive wet and dry food for cats and kittens, as the cats (like people) have different dietary requirements.

In addition to welcoming donations, we are always looking for volunteers, foster homes and people to adopt.

At the current moment we have about 40 cats/kittens in the Shelter, plus lots more in temporary foster care.

If you care to know more about ADAT, the shelter or indeed like to help in any way contact – alberguecats@gmail.com


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