Winter flowering pansies give a beautiful pop of colour

Winter flowering pansies give a beautiful pop of colour
Winter flowering pansies give a beautiful pop of colour

WINTER flowering pansies, which can be planted out in late October to November, are a hardy species that will flower for most of the winter season and on into spring.

Pansies are often confused with the Viola, as they look and act a lot like violas, however, pansies have a much larger flower and leaves.

Another difference between the two is that pansies usually only have a few flowers at a time, whereas, violas have a smaller flower – but a lot more blooms.

The name Pansy comes from the French verb Penser, which means ‘to think’.  People believed that the pansy, with its head hanging down, resembled a face that is deep in thought.

The origin of the pansy began in Iver, Buckinghamshire, in the early 1800’s where Lord Gambier and his gardener, William Thompson, began crossing various Viola species.

The blooms, which are flattish with five petals, come in a wonderful range of colours, patterns and colour combinations.

You can grow them in the borders beneath taller shrubs, in containers or even on a window sill, where you can admire them from inside the warmth of your home.

Pansies like to follow the sun throughout the day, therefore, try to plant them where you look at them, with the sun behind you. The flowers will be facing you.

They will also grow well in partial shade, meaning that even in the darker months they will give you a beautiful pop of colour.

Easy to maintain, by deadheading regularly, which keeps them coming back again and again, throughout their season.


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