Covid 19 in the Mountains

Covid 19 in the Mountains
Covid 19 in the Mountains

Covid 19 in the Mountains
Covid 19 in the Mountains

It would be my guess that everyone is sick and tired of the Corona Virus, please let me try to put a different slant on it.

There is a sizeable part of the population in the UK and elsewhere, that does not take this attack on the very core of our existence at all seriously. Isn’t it strange the Western world seems to be most affected by this disabling illness? Are we and the people who run the country missing a point about where it originates from, perhaps the truth is too distressing?

How can it be that, left wing newspapers do not normally support the Government – that is understandable? But, in my view, why is the media, which normally follows and agrees with the current party of the administration being exceedingly critical of the way this virus is being handled? Are they being influenced by … who knows?

It is also my view that all of the media should be promoting the fight against this invader and then perhaps the population would start to take it seriously and would help in the battle against Covid 19

As soon as the latest figures of people dying from this dreadful virus are announced, there is an immediate chorus of the statistics being misleading and a comparison with more people dying from flu and other terminal illnesses as if it a game of bingo or the lottery results, I suppose in some way it is? But surely the reason the numbers do not compare with others is because of the lockdowns and other restrictions against the attacking unseen enemy

The impression with the broadcast of the figures is that fatalities from Corona do not matter.  But surely that is not the point, no matter how a person has left this world it is another added to the total and the need to try and prevent the reasoning behind their demise.

In my opinion this virus is not about people dying it is also about people being put in isolation. Laying in a bed with no family or friends around them to give support during their time in a sterile situation whilst plugged into a ventilator. It is also an illness that damages the body’s functions and can have long term effects, even after the disease itself has been dispelled from the patient.

This virus, according to reports is spreading fast and I believe what we are being told.

Since the start of the pandemic in the early part of the year we who live in the mountains have been free of the curse. However, the villages around us are seeing for the first time confirmed cases with small towns going into lockdown. Despite the fact that these villages have taken from the very start of this attack on the very way we live, very seriously with social distancing and the wearing of masks.

The implication of Lockdown or other measures are only a way of restricting the spread of the disease. Not one of the reasoning for curtailing movement or other measures is a curer. None, do not eradicate the virus, but only helps in preventing it from spreading, or at least at a lower rate

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