One Way Services Thursday Dart League

Bit of a surprise package our Bob Smit, the amiable captain of  Dannys Bar darts team
Bit of a surprise package our Bob Smit, the amiable captain of  Dannys Bar darts team

Thursday Dart League

Plenty of Covid 19 dialogue in the past week. Lots of unfounded rumours circulating, but plenty of rule / regulation flouting. Rumours are one thing, they can be dismissed by a phone call if necessary, but ignoring the law re mask wearing, social distancing etc is putting individuals welfare, possibly lives at risk, is a definite No Go.

Examples of this are now too many to ignore and may require a temporary stoppage or more of the Thursday league. Previous warnings have gone unheeded for some, the majority conforming, there is now the distinct possibility of temporarily losing one of our winter pleasures.

Chemies Loungers put up a decent show facing the visiting table toppers and current champions El Capitan. Andres Liamazares managed 3×100 in the first triple closed by Marcos Lopez on D8, despite tons from Graham White and Mike Tierney. A ton and D15 from Mark Sommerville made it 1-1.

Another ton from White in the third was eclipsed by Liamazares 180, 100 and D2. Jimmy McKay 2×100 in the fourth wasn’t enough Vycka Bobinas closed on D19. A league favourite Den Hall ( he’s a diamond ) nailed D16 for 1-4. Liamazares 140 and Lopez 100, D8 taking the score to 1-5.

Whites 121, 100, 120, couldn’t be converted as Bobinas found D18, D3, for 1-6. Arold Klimonis despite failing to find a ton, found both doubles D10, D9, opponent McKay 2×100. Liamazares 100 D20, D18, made it 8 for the Caps. Steve Goodwin D5 D10 narrowly overcame Hall D10, in a three legger. Chris Logan D4, D8 made it 9 for the visitors, Nik Higgins getting the third point for Loungers with D17, D2. MOTM White and Liamazares.

lt doesn’t happen often but occasionally there’s a whitewash, recipients Amigos, bully boys Dannys Bar, this week. A fine performance from Dannys, the only real resistance coming from Harvey Lane who continues his excellent form of late, deservedly attaining MOTM.

Plenty of good performances from the hosts Alan Walker 140 2×100, plus 2 winning doubles. Bob Smith 140,125,100 and D16, Jean Randell 100, 2xD8. Lane 140, and Sue Sanderson 102 top scored for Amigos. Bob Smith, Dannys MOTM

C.C.’s suffered a third defeat in four this week when visiting the Hub. Some familiar faces from the past graced the oche at the Plaza venue. Kevin Procktor, Richard Pattison and the affable Amanda Skinner, a former league singles champion, proving she can still throw a mean arrow or three.

Unfortunately, despite numerous opportunities, the Flyers failed to convert these to winning legs. Ken Skinner being the lone winner in the third triple on D7. Bob Taylor opened the Hubs account in the first on D10, after 140,100 from Alex Nikolov, plus a ton from Simon Williams.

Two tons from Joe Miller set up Shane Denness for D8. The third going Flyers way via Skinner. Three winning pairs were added to the hosts score, Nikolov 100, D3, Taylor 100, D8, and John Rodford 100, D2. 5-1 at the break.

The Flyers upped their scoring rate after devouring some nourishing half time fish and chips, it was however matched and surpassed by the Hyenas. Miller free scoring 120, 132 plus D20,D1, without a reply from Brian Newton.

Williams 3×100 achieved the same result with D5,D9, against Neil Poole. Skinner 140, faced Rodford in the next giving a good account of herself, narrowly missing out on a 116 out by clipping the D20 wire, Rodford closing the second leg on D16. Denness took the fourth single, finding it easier to hit doubles than trebles. D16 for the first and then a nice 84 out S20, D14, D18, for 2 zip.

Tasty bit of showboating by the co league sponsor. Ken Skinner went one up on D8 against Taylor 2×100, the Hyena making it all square with an 81 game shot, T17,D18, and then D1 for 2-1. Nikolov wrapped up the match on D4, D10, without reply from a below par Procktor. MOTM Rodford and a split decision between the Sinners, finally awarded to Ken.

League Snippets

* Great performance from Jonny Gilchrist ( Milos ) 2 x 140, 2 x 100, 3 x 90+ and 3 x 80+ scores. also Steve Formby 3 x 100, 125, and Richie McSweeney, 100,120,140 D20,D2.

*  Top scores in the same match, Sarndra David 140, John Crabbe 134, Sandra Crabbe 115, Roger Phipps 123. Terry David got one over McSweeney 2-0 with 2 x D20, as did Steve Monk Dalton 125, 100 D1, D2 over Dennis Byrne.

*  Dario Sierra starred for Ale House Lads, gaining 3 winning doubles 2 xD20 and D10 and MOTM. Dave Wright top scoring for Jesters 134 and MOTM. Andy Ranoe 2 winning legs D13, D2.


Bit of a surprise package our Bob Smith (Robert to mum) the amiable captain of  Dannys Bar darts team. The former “29 Commando Regiment” soldier, saw active service in the Falklands, Northern lreland, the Gulf, Belize and Kenya, before moving on to the Royal Artillery regiment. His final service term in the A.G.C unit (Adjutant Generals Corps) as a Warrant Officer came before leaving for “civvy street” at the age of 55 after a 35 year stint.

Stationed in Germany for many years, Bob has witnessed many of the bloodiest conflicts in modern times, but like many is reluctant to be drawn on the subject.

Now leading a more sedate life style, settling on the Costa since 2017 with engaged partner Jane, Bob can be seen every Friday pulling pints at Dannys. 20 year old son Rhys who lives in Germany vows he won’t be following his father’s footsteps as a one-time Teddy boy. The soldier elite was never out of drapes, suede shoes and the mandatory DA haircut, sadly now just fond memories.

The former Essex boy, born in Maldon, is a pretty useful darter using 13g arrows yes 13g. A former Essex County player, even plays golf off a 2 handicap at La Serena (the course with lakes as fairways). Partner Jane plays off 13, not a bad two ball. Bobs golfing ambition is to record a 66 at La Finca, a 67 at Las Colinas is already in the bag.

The ex-Commando’s ideal 3 dinner guests would be, fiancé Jane, Neil Sedaka and Adele, devouring a rare, even blue steak, washed down with an occasional Bacardi n Coke. Surprisingly having watched Grease 25 times, it’s his fave film. Explanation? lt was the only film to hand whilst waiting to be airlifted home after the Falklands conflict.


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