Alicante Police end moratorium on misuse of electric scooters

Alicante Police end moratorium on misuse of electric scooters

A spokesman for the Alicante Police has said that they will end the moratorium they have had on the misuse of electric scooters in Alicante.

The ordinance that regulates the conditions of use of Personal Mobility Vehicles (VMP) will become fully effective from 30 October, after which the Local Police will begin to prosecute users who do not comply with the law which was fully approved two months ago.

The new standard regulates the conditions that must be followed by users which include the wearing of a helmet, prohibition of their use on pavements, and a speed limit of 25 kilometres per hour (instead of the 30 that had been initially agreed) in one way streets, the areas delimited as zone 30, and cycle lanes.

In addition, they must be fitted with a bell, front and rear lights, and reflective elements that are duly approved.

It is recommended that users take out civil liability insurance in the event of an accident, although the guidelines defined by the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) show this as optional.

In case of non-compliance, the ordinance has a graduated table of sanctions according to the seriousness of the offences committed. Minor offenses are punishable with fines of up to 100 euros; serious may be sanctioned with fines of 101 to 200 euros, and very serious with fines of 201 to 500 euros.

The councillor of Mobility, José Ramón González, said that up to this point the Local Police have been providing offenders with advice and information of the new conditions to which they must adhere.


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