Eighty-six proposals have been submitted to the council by the residents of Torrevieja for inclusion in the Participatory Budgets for 2021.

The details were provided by the Councillor for Innovation, Ricardo Recuero, together with the Chief Financial Officer, Domingo Paredes.

Of the 86 proposals, 40% focus on investments in roads, new parks and walkways, streets, sports facilities. A further 30% relate to the improvement in services (cleaning and waste collection, care of public areas and buildings, repair of facilities, etc.).

The creation of bike lanes, increase in pedestrianisation, additional school classrooms, a new train and bus station, lighting of pedestrian crossings, accounts for a further 15% and the final 15% covers innovative projects (creation of a new image for the city, APPS for communication and city management).

This year the main proposal is the establishment of designated areas for the holding of fairs and gatherings.

The proposals will be analysed and evaluated by the municipal staff to determine their viability.


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