Hungry reporters add fuel to Lawless Society

Hungry reporters add fuel to Lawless Society
Hungry reporters add fuel to Lawless Society

As I approach my mid-eighties, I feel sick of how a country that I loved and still do, declines into anarchy. There is a report in the papers this morning that there are not enough police to monitor the closing of pubs at ten o’clock. Why should there be? The law says they should close.

If the United Kingdom had not turned into a lawless society people would have obeyed to the letter the administration’s ability to curb a virus which is slowly taking hold.

It is sad to see the thousands of people taking part in Trafalgar Square in the centre of London, ignoring the requirement to social distance or wear a face mask. Of course, in a democracy one has the ability to complain and form groups to make their point. But, also in a democracy, for it to work for the nation, then it is everyone’s responsibility to be law abiding.

In the UK with its nine hundred year old history, over that time there have been recognised channels developed to make another argument contra to the Governments, also there are Members of Parliament to help to enforce the differing views to bring them before the prevailing administration.

Britain used to be totally law abiding. It is, I think so different now with young people in groups taking advantage of the soft ways the country has developed over time, hence not enough policemen to control the crowds. These factions do not believe that laws are there to be tolerated by them.

Since the development of twenty four hour news channels, there are now sizable organizations developed for the sole purpose to bring every one up to date with current affairs and bulletins.

In my view there are many hungry reporters  trying to get their story on to the front pages, no matter how incorrect or fictitious they may be, with editors straining to sort the wheat from the chaff.

In my opinion through this maze of dubious news, groups use its unprincipled reporting to bring constantly false or questionable accounts of the Government’s ability to govern. In the meantime, the populist, drenched in negative accounts, get on with their lives, not quite believing what is being broadcast, but  parts will remain with them as bad and exciting false stories travels faster than truth.

Percy Chattey, Author


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