Millions of people worldwide cheer for certain soccer, football, or basketball teams, among other sports. Being a sports fan means being part of a team and having a sense of belonging. Friendships are created by mutual dedication to the same team. Die-hard fans of any sport enjoy showing their dedication by cheering for their team and never missing a game.

Yet sometimes, the games can be held in unreachable arenas or a worldwide pandemic hits, and games are canceled. In either event, here are some ways in which die-hard basketball fans can have fun at home.

March Madness Fun

If you are a die-hard basketball fan, then March may be one of your favorite months of the year. March Madness, which is held through most of March and a little at the beginning of April, when the National Collegiate Athletic Association, or NCAA, holds men’s and women’s basketball tournaments.

There are three weekends of games, and the excitement is real. If you are not able to attend the games, then one thing you can do is enjoy them from the comfort of your home. Bring your friends over, create betting games, have food and drinks, and create a sense of madness in your home!

Install a Hoop

There are three ways in which you can play ball at home. One of those is by creating a makeshift hoop in your home and try to score the most out of paper balls that you crumpled yourself. You can also install or purchase an indoor hoop that you can order off any website and play pickup basketball with your family.

The third way is to install a large hoop outdoors if you happen to have a small courtyard or space near your garage. You can paint the 3-pointer lines, base, end lines, sidelines, mid-court lines, and so on to create the full effect. The basketball experts at state that it all starts with a goal. You get that first goal in your newly installed hoop and your friends will want to come over all the time to play a few games and enjoy creating teams.

Dedicate a Wall to Your Favorite Team

Over the years, you may have been able to collect merchandise for your favorite team. Instead of having them scattered around, or in a place that no one sees, not even yourself, dedicate a wall for them. You can hang up their jersey(ies), hang up pictures of the most famous team players, and tickets of games you’ve attended. You can also install shelves to put signed basketballs if you happen to have one or more. Some teams create duplicates of awards they have won previously, so you can purchase those and put them next to the basketballs.

Read Up on Your Team

As a die-hard fan, you most likely know all your favorite team’s players, where they are from, as well as a lot of information about the team captain or manager. But you will realize that there is a lot of information from the past that you may not have heard of previously.

If you are not able to leave your home due to a pandemic, then fire up your PC and read up on your team’s past, or purchase books about specific aspects of the game. You can compare games, when they scored better, which players performed better together, and so on. Also, learn the difference between the rules and regulations the NBA had in the past versus their present stance.

Re-watch Past Games

If games happen to be canceled due to the pandemic, then the next best thing to do is to re-watch past games. Like re-watching television series and movies, we usually miss a few details here and there. We already know what the result will be, but not all information is soaked up because there is usually a lot of excitement watching it the first time.

Watch games that you have missed, games from other teams, and maybe even games from the mid-90s. The first team ever created was the Boston Celtics, so it may be interesting to look for games from that era and compare them with present games.

 Whether you are not able to show your full dedication due to the pandemic or cannot go to games, there are other ways to show your support. Make a day out of any of the above activities; install the hoop yourself, or bring your friends over, for instance. You may be surprised at how much fun you can have as a die-hard fan out of the comfort of your home.