A primary school student from the Ciudad del Mar public school and a high school student from the private centre La Purísima school have both tested positive for Covid-19, as a result of which all students in the two classes are being quarantined

The confinement affects 40 pupils, although all other students are still able to attend school normally.

In the case of CEIP Ciudad del Mar, a fifth-year primary student has tested positive. The child began to have feverish symptoms last week, only attending class for one day after feeling unwell. He was tested for coronavirus, and the positive result was confirmed at the weekend.

Public Health informed the school early this morning, so that the protocol was implemented to locate his 25 classmates. They were told that they must all remain in quarantine until Health informs them each of the guidelines to follow, which will include testing of the students who have had the most contact with the infected child.

A teacher and a school dining room worker are also in quarantine, having had close contact with the student who tested positive. Being confined to “bubble” classes, separate groups with a certain number of students who do not mix with others, isolation is only necessary for students and staff who have had contact with the affected person.

In the private La Purísima school it is a high school student who has tested positive for coronavirus. About twenty students in his class have also been forced to quarantine, as well as several teachers.

Ricardo Recuero , councillor of Education in Torrevieja, who is also the Headmaster of CEIP Ciudad del Mar, where one student has tested positive, has pointed out that it is likely to be a regular occurrence, something that schools will have to get used to.

He said that he was pleased to see that both the schools and the City Council “have immediately set in motion the protocols issued by Public Health.


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