Thermal temperature mask sensor detects fever

Thermal temperature mask sensor detects fever
Thermal temperature mask sensor detects fever

By Andrew Atkinson

A Mallorca based company has produced a thermal temperature sensor, amid the current coronavirus spike that is deemed to change to white, to detect a fever.

According to the company a thermal sensitivity turns white, when a temperature of 37.5 degrees is registered.

Experiments have said to have been carried out during the summer by companies who manufacture sanitary garments to protect against contagions. Mallorca based Colorprint Fashion has developed a fabric that can help detect people who have contracted the coronavirus using a fabric with thermal sensitivity, that activates following an increase in body temperature.

The mask has been approved for use in hygienic masks by the Textile Technological Institute (AITEX), certifying its durability and effectiveness for the prevention of Covid-19.

The fabric, patented by the company, turns white at approximately 37.5 degrees and has a bacterial filtration rate of 98%, thus giving protection against coronovirus, with an alert to a rise in fever.

Meanwhile five people have been arrested by the National Policia for stealing 3.3 million gloves and masks in Leganes, Madrid, with a value of 700,000 euros.

An investigation that has been ongoing for over a year got underway after surveillance at a warehouse in Leganés, discovered 40 pallets of sanitary protection material were allegedly stolen, according to the Higher Police Headquarters.

2,400,000 pairs of gloves, 800,000 surgical masks and 100,000 FFP2 masks were later transported to a warehouse in Fuenlabrada. Further investigation are ongoing.


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