Do you ever sit and wish that you can go back 20/30 years, when you could get out and have a game of football with your mates, perhaps over the fields putting down coats to act as goal posts, or if you were in a Sunday league team play a game, and have a drink with the lads after.

Good times such as that seem in the far and distant past. But they are not, I’m here to tell you, that because you are over 50 years of age, this can still happen.

We at the San Miguel Strollers can offer you a way back into your past. San Miguel Stroller, walking football team play at the SAN MIGUEL MUNICIPAL FOOTBALL STADIUM, SAN MIGUEL SALINAS, ON MONDAY EVENINGS, GATHER AT 6-30pm for a 7-00pm KO.

We can offer you a game of football where there is No sliding tackles, No tackles from behind, No heading of balls, no studded boots, and most importantly no running.

The guys who already play at San Miguel are a great bunch, and will take you into their hearts, so you will make a brand new set of friends as well.

So, if you fancy a kick about with us, get in touch with me Bill Whitehouse on 606-725-993, or 865-666-883. Or get back to me on: or

Look forward to hearing from you.


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