• Sorbas – First event, a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, features jazz singer Randy Greer

A backdrop of COVID hasn’t stopped two Almeria entrepreneurs from establishing a new events company, Laughing Goat.

“We wanted to launch in May,” said founder David Soler, “but needed to see how COVID would pan out. “We’ve put the excursions side of the business on ice for the moment, and focussed on creating outdoor events where we can fix distances between people.”

He and girlfriend Claire have planned their debut event for October 3, when World renowned American jazz singer, Randy Greer will play at a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party (for ‘grown ups’!).

“We let our imaginations run whilst trying hard to fit within – and go beyond –   COVID rules, and if things get so bad that all events are cancelled, we have worked our way around it so that people can still have fun,” added Soler.

The name Laughing Goat was chosen on the basis that it was part nonsense, part nod to Almeria’s rural heritage:

“Almeria has so much going for it,” said Soler. “There’s a rich history, distinct from that of Granada and the Costa del Sol. It’s more artistic, less built up, and the food and drink are out of this World.”

Details of the new venture and events can be found at http://laughinggoat.net.


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