Smoking is a scourge upon our society that annually, in the United Kingdom alone, is responsible for at least seventy-thousand deaths. It is a very addictive habit that can be an indomitable force to rid yourself of. Quitting smoking, however hard, is a step in the right direction, and one that will make you healthier, and help you to live a longer, happier life.

Quitting smoking comes with many hardships, so many in fact, that many people can simply not face quitting and deal with the consequences of it. This page will tell you how you can quit smoking safely and effectively.

It is important that you do quit, as smoking is a death sentence. Smoking is terribly bad for you, and with every inhalation, takes a minute off of your life. Smoking is a habit picked up mostly by under eighteens that carry on well into adult life. If you have the courage to break free from the wretched curse of nicotine and tobacco, then look no further than this page, for this page will help you on your way to healthier living.

Quitting smoking is incumbent upon you should you care about the wellbeing and health of your family and friends. Smoking sets an awful precedent for your children, too, who may adopt smoking simply to mimic you. The child of a smoker is statistically more likely to smoke than one whose parents do not smoke and have not smoked.


Snus is a popular choice by men between the ages of twenty and fifty for quitting smoking. It was first developed in Sweden and is similar to types of chewing tobacco. Snus is often sold in PVC bags which are then put under the lip, and the tobacco is absorbed, thereby reducing your need for a cigarette. Snus is illegal in the European Union, so you may not be able to buy snus in UK, but you can in other foreign countries. There are calls for the substance to be unbanned, as it is very effective in quitting smoking.

Create a Plan

If you are going to quit without using any substitutes, such as vapes, snus, and chewing tobacco, and you are going to go full cold turkey, then you need a plan. A plan will help you to get through your days without smoking and will make it easier for you to quit completely. The hardest part of quitting, for many, is the change to their routine; smoking gives you something to do throughout the day and is often done at peoples most idle.

Creating a plan will allow you to substitute smoking for other things in the day, and when you need to smoke, will help you to take your mind off of it. For example, every time you want to smoke, go for a run or exercise. This will be a fantastic way to get through your journey to quit smoking and help yourself get on the road to recovery.

Eat Healthier

When you want to quit smoking, it is very easy to begin picking up other bad habits, such as a poor diet, or a lack of exercise. When you begin quitting, rather than reaching for a tub of ice cream every single time you have nicotine cravings, reach for the avocados and oranges! Eating healthier will help you in your journey to get healthy and kick nicotine.

Eating healthier will improve your life massively and will help you to become a healthier, better version of yourself, and put down the cigarettes once and for all.

Get Help

Who said quitting was easy? Quitting smoking can be emotional turmoil. It is difficult to quit on your own and having support channels in place to help you get through your journey to beat smoking is critical. There are a few ways that you can get help, here they are…

Friends and Family

Leaning on friends and family in times of hardship is often the best thing that you can do. Trying to quit smoking alone is never going to be easy, but by having your friends and family by your side, you will have people to call when you feel like giving up, and people to physically prevent you from picking up a packet of cigarettes. Your friends and your family are there for a reason, and when you want to quit, turn to them for help, rather than turning to a packet of cigarettes that will slowly kill you.

Support Groups

If your friends and family have not been much help, or you do not have any, then turn to a support group. Support groups exist solely to help you get through your journey to quit smoking and will continue to support you long after you have quit. They are a great asset for any first, second, or third-time quitter. Support groups exist all over the world and will be easily found. They usually take places in religious centers or community centers and are free to attend. Definitely consider joining a support group, they help massively.


Regular exercise, as mentioned previously, is another fantastic way to help yourself quit smoking. An urge to smoke can be replaced with an urge to exercise. Regular exercise will also help you to counteract the years of damage that you have likely done to your body through smoking.

Exercising is very good for you and can be a fantastic way to shift dependencies. Once you get into the habit of exercising, you will not want to stop. Consider going to a gym, also. Getting into shape has helped millions of people stop smoking once and for all.


Staying positive and envisioning a future free from smoke is the only way that you can quit. No matter if you incorporate all of the previously mentioned methods into your lifestyle, they will all be in vain if you yourself are not positive and don’t believe in yourself. You can do this.

Now, with the help of this page, you know how you can quit smoking, and why you should. Smoking is a terrible habit that is hard to break free from. It is a habit that has no advantages, and a habit that slowly, cigarette by cigarette, is killing you. Kick the habit today for a better life tomorrow.