Ever since the first online casino was introduced back in the year 1996, the entire online gambling industry has only increased in size and stature with every passing year. Of course, it did not have the smoothest of starts due to the technical issues and limitations that were there decades ago, but now that those days are behind us, the following stats prove just how well the online casinos are doing.

The Size and Value

Stats were presented by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) which shows just how massive the industry is in this country. Out of a total £14.3 billion revenue generated by both the online and offline establishments together, online casinos accounted for about 38.6% or roughly £5.51 billion. To appreciate the size and magnitude of that number, one needs to understand that no other single source of gambling revenue generation comes even close to that figure.

Age Groups: Stats Show that Middle-Aged Players are the Most Likely to Gamble

On checking out the official stats presented by Statista, it becomes quite clear that no other age group is as interested in playing casino games as middle-aged players are. To be more precise, men and women in between the ages of 35 – 44 are the most likely to play slots, bet on sports, or join a live casino game like roulette. This is particularly true in 2020 (29.3%), although the same age group did top the charts even in 2019 (25.1%), although the differences were much lower.

An Increased Interest is Noted Among Late Teens and Young Adults

Online casinos and gambling games were never particularly popular within teenagers and young adults, but the lockdowns might have changed their views on gambling. According to the same stats as linked above, there has been an increase of 3.1% in gambling habits within the 16 to 24-year old age group. While in 2019, we saw only 13.8% of them gambling online, the percentage had increased to 16.9% by the middle of 2020. We will have to wait and see just how much more the numbers grow or dwindle down by the end of 2020. Nevertheless, as of now, even the previously high boom of 2016 (15.7%) fades in comparison.

45 to 54-Year Olds Have the Steadiest Rate of Increased Interest

Unlike any other age group, the 45 to 54-year old age group seems to have the steadiest rate of growing interest in online gambling. Just note the details below to understand the point in discussion:

  • 6% people from the 45-54 age group were gambling in 2017
  • 7% people from the age group were gambling in 2018
  • 1% people from the age group were gambling in 2019
  • 4% people from the age group are gambling in 2020, with finalized stats yet to be determined

A Boom in Online Casino Fraud

Online casinos have been growing at an exponential rate, so it’s only natural that there will be fraudulent websites trying to take advantage of the boom and scam players in the UK and abroad. To keep safe from scam sites, it is highly advisable to only play at  registered, verified and regulated online establishments, such as the ones mentioned here on famouscasinosites.com.

Famous casinos are not only regulated better, but they must also uphold their reputation in order to remain famous, instead of achieving infamy. Not that it has not happened before, but the chances of a famous and well-regulated casino scamming their players is very unlikely.

Even in the middle of the pandemic, the gaming industry managed to not only survive but also do exceptionally well. Sure, the live sports betting business took a huge hit, but slots, live casino games and classic casino table/card games all enjoyed a boom. If the stats we mentioned above are anything to go by, it would be safe to state that the internet casino business is one of the most resilient and prosperous industries in not just the UK, but pretty much globally.

As live games slowly begin to restart, there is no telling where the stats will end up for the online gambling industry by the time this year is over.