Lawyers set to meet after police stop Villamartin plaza music

Casey Shaddock (left) President of Villamartin plaza: Striving to get music back.
Casey Shaddock (left) President of Villamartin plaza: Striving to get music back.

By Andrew Atkinson

Lawyers are set to meet today (September 7) in the wake of former Hot Chocolate lead singer Greg Bannis being stopped by police from performing in Villamartin plaza moments before going on stage in the wake of a ban on music.

“It was totally out of order for the police to arrive and cancel the show,” said Casey Shaddock spokesperson and President for Villamartin plaza.

As reported by The Leader the no music rule was imposed by the Spanish Government in August after a spike in coronavirus cases in the country, leading to a ban at all venues.

The latest music ban has hit bars and restaurants across Spain after the three months lockdown in mid-March.

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James Green Storage

Bars and restaurants are required to have permission to do so on their ‘Licencia de Apertura’: “We are fully legal and licensed for music.

“Greg Bannis was set to go on stage and following the arrival of the police the show was cancelled. We are appealing the decision and the matter is in the hands of our lawyers,” said Shaddock.

City and town authorities throughout Spain have clamped down on entertainers, stating that only those performers who are fully legal may operate. Entertainers must be legally self-employed and paying both their autónomo and their taxes.

“One person complained about the show and the next thing the police arrived,” said Lake Jackson, Texas, born Shaddock.

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“The police wanted to put a denuncia against us which is a complete farce. We are now awaiting to hear from our legal team after a court appeal,” said Shaddock.

The latest 21 days music ban was initially imposed last month, that was reprieved for a few days, prior to another ban during September. The Spanish Government announcement on September 6 an additional 21 days legislation.

“When the show was cancelled the police were stunned by the reaction of the audience. They were in support of music.

“We have got licences to put music shows on and all our legal team of lawyers are working on our behalf to get it back on.

“We have bent over backwards to make sure that everything is in place and legal,” said Shaddock.

Greg Bannis: stopped performing by Police in Villamartin plaza moments before going on stage.

Greg Bannis was the lead singer of Hot Chocolate during 1992-2010 following in the footsteps of the late Errol Brown.

Hot Chocolate hits included You Sexy Thing, No Doubt About It and Everyone’s A Winner.

Bannis began touring a Bob Marley tribute show in the Costa Blanca south in recent years.

“We are striving to get the music back. More meetings are to be held on Monday (September 7). Greg Bannis will be back,” said Shaddock.


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