Doctor’s associations warned on Friday that they will not issue medical certificates to parents who do not wish their children to return to school.

The say that the requests from parents who are asking for medical documents to “dispense” face-to-face classes are increasing. In a statement, they have said that they will not issue any certificates as it is not within their functions.

“I understand the uncertainty of parents and the fear that their children will be infected, and that they are asking for these certificates to cover their backs, but we must avoid unnecessary bureaucracy. Parents know that making this request only takes up time and resources of doctors that right now we should be dedicating themselves to more urgent tasks, “said Luis Blesa, president of the Valencian Paediatric Society.

Blesa said that doctors are not responsible for deciding whether or not a child should attend class. “We can certify that the child has an illness, but deciding that children who are healthy should not attend school is not for us to decide. We do not know the conditions in classrooms, if you have ten or twenty classmates and if you keep a safe distance … All that is regulated by the school authorities. We can issue certificates from a medical point of view, but we cannot decide whether or not they can go to the school”.