TRBL Legionnaires Petanca team

TRBL Legionnaires Petanca team
TRBL Legionnaires Petanca team

The TRBL Legionnaires Petanca team were very pleased to have as their first warm up game, when Peacocks Marineros were the visitors.  In a very friendly game, the legionnaires were able to take full use of home advantage, registering a hard fought 6-3 victory.

I’m sure next week’s return game will once again be played in the same great spirit, between two very cordial teams.  With 3 pistes to play on, and another 3 under construction, the Legionnaires would welcome any players wanting to join the newest team in the area.

They meet every Wednesday & Sunday, 10am for 10:30 start, at Casa Ventura San Luis, which is a great place to play.

Allan Budd


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