Lo Crispin GS at Alenda Golf

Lo Crispin GS at Alenda Golf
Lo Crispin GS at Alenda Golf

Twenty six members teed it up at Alenda Golf course to compete for the Society’s Summer Cup. Although thankfully the blistering heat of August had passed, it was still warm enough to give the members another factor to manage.

Many of the fairways appeared scorched, following the baking summer temperatures and many of the greens had a ‘pock marked’ appearance.

Despite this most members appeared to enjoy the day. After the game, we returned as usual to Lo Crispin Tavern where Tapas was enjoyed and the day’s prizes and Summer Cup presented to the winner.

  1. T. P on Par 3s.

Hole 3 – Scott Blair, Hole 5 – Andy Quinn, Hole 13 – Dean Astley, Hole 16 – Eddy Scott

Mike Ellson was the only winner of the 2’s pot, which included a ‘roll over’ from the last game.

1st. Place and winner of the Summer Cup – Paul Carter 30pts off 28 (on count back)

2nd. Place – Mark Good – 30pts off 16, 3rd. Place – Bill Croft – 27 pts off 19 (on count back)

4th. Place – Mike Ellson – 27pts off 27

The Free Game Draw was won by Barney Barningham (again!)

Our next game, an Individual Stableford is on 16th. September at Mar Menor, where the Society has not played previously.

Steve Harrington.