The Twisting of Words

Currently the BBC seems intent on promoting the views of minority groups
Currently the BBC seems intent on promoting the views of minority groups

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The twisting of words, over a long period, changes what was an old British worded song, Rule Britannia, into something foul and forbidden but the history of it is quite different. Of course, if history is not being taught then the old English wording is not easy to understand.

The song in itself, in my opinion, is nothing more than an upbeat message to the English speaking people not to be afraid of foreign tyrants, whose wish at that time, in 1740, was to invade the British Isles, hence the wording, in current phrasing, stating that the people will never bow to oppression.

It is worth remembering that in that period and earlier, when the poem the song is taken from, Great Britain, similar to other nations on the continent of Europe, was expanding its influence  beyond its own shores into other countries and overseas territories, so the action of the British people at that time was not unique.

And so, it has been, the invasion of one sort or another from before the eighteen hundreds and the beginning of time, up to the present period. The world is swamped with buildings and artefacts of the past, including the remains in Brittany in France of the German Fortresses when they enslaved and controlled Europe less than one hundred years ago.

That brings me very nicely to an organisation that tried to ban the song ‘Rule Britannia’ from ‘The Last Night of the Proms’. The British Broadcasting Corporation or BBC formed in October 1922 and first broadcast in November of that year. The very name would suggest its sphere of interest would be the promotion of the British Isles and advancing the way of life consisting of the four countries of the realm.

The BBC was granted a Royal Charter in 1926 and it is renewed on a regular basis, the last time 2017. It guarantees the independence of the Corporation and that it is totally free from the influence of Government. My wording as the detail is more complex.

Which really means they can do as they like. And they do. Depending on the views of the people controlling it. Currently the BBC seems intent on promoting the views of minority groups, of course their opinions are important in the scheme of things, but shouldn’t a story explain the opposite interpretations of a subject that is being reported.

The downgrading of positive news by TV, Radio and the mainstream newspapers is sad. Negative reporting is misleading and wrong it also does not help the country to pull through this devastating period affecting the United Kingdom and elsewhere on the Continent.

It creates an adverse attitude, sadness and depression summed up by a report of a top Police Officer remarking on the penalties of the ‘New Rave Laws’ in the UK where heavy fines of those partaking will be imposed. It is reported he said, ‘that it was not possible for his men to break them up (the raves) as they would have bottles thrown at them’.

Percy Chattey, Author


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