On Monday Ramón López, Councilor for Education, brought to a close the municipal summer schools that have been enjoyed by almost 500 boys and girls at four municipal centres, during the summer months,

He said that he was very satisfied with the outcome and thanked the “involvement of the supervisors, parents, cleaning services and students that have been especially necessary as a result of the health protocols caused by COVID-19 “.

There have been 3 courses during the summer held at 4 schools and colleges, CEIP Miguel Hernández, CEIP Villar Palasí, CEIP Fernando de Loaces, CEIP Virgen del Pilar (La Campaneta) and CEIP Playas de Orihuela.

Andrés Marín, director of the Summer School, agree that “it had been a challenge, due to the sanitary measures that had to be adopted, but he was still able to undertake the difficult task of developing a summer school that was safe and fun at the same time for those in attendance.

It was a challenge, which has been extremely worthwhile, above all, because of the energy that the boys and girls have conveyed to the entire team”.

The students were divided into groups of a maximum of 14 people, with all entrances and exits organised in a staggered manner, as well as temperature taking and disinfection of hands and feet at the entrance of the centres and the use of masks throughout the day by the supervisors. Likewise, spaces have been limited and groups have been separated from one another.

Ramón López said that “we have achieved the objective of being able to offer families a much-needed service to reconcile family life in this difficult time in which we find ourselves due to COVID-19.”


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