The Department of Sports has introduced a series of measures to guarantee the safety of users of the facilities at the municipal sports schools with the aim of “protecting and preventing health and guaranteeing the safety of all users as well as municipal staff”.

The following list contains just some of the measures that must now be applied by all users:

Social distance (1.5 meters).

A distance of 1.5 metres must be maintained throughout the centre or facility. Where this distancing is not possible the area will be closed.

Hand and footwear hygiene.

Hygiene and hand disinfection points, disinfectant mats must be used as should specific footwear.

Mandatory use of facemask.

The use of facemasks by all staff and users is mandatory.

COVID-19 symptoms

Facilities will not be accessible to anyone with symptoms.

Access and use of facilities

Access to sports facilities will be restricted exclusively to those people who practice sports. Access control points will be established. The stands will remain closed, although access to the cafeterias will be available.

Changing rooms

They will remain closed. Toilets will be open with restricted capacity. However, the changing rooms at the Palacio del Agua for the pool and the SPA will remain open with restricted capacity.

Entry and exit points

Different entry and exit areas will be used.

Orihuela introduce protocols at all municipal sports facilities

The protocol will be adapted as is necessary to include and amended regulations, instructions and recommendations that may be issued by the Ministry of Health, and other competent authorities.

Councillor for Sport, Victor Bernabéu said the measures related to the Municipal Sports Schools (EDM), such as access to clean areas and meeting areas, will be exclusively for EDM students. Students must be dropped off and picked up in the designated areas at each facility.

Items for individual use (each student will carry their own sanitising gel, water bottle and food in their personal backpack, with hand sanitization mandatory).

There will be individual spaces so that students can leave their belongings in designated places while maintaining a safe distance.

Groups of students moving around the facility must maintain a safe distance and be accompanied by an instructor, along the marked routes.

The EDM transport service is still suspended, at least during the month of September, but it is hoped that it can be resumed in October.

In addition, the parents or guardians must complete all necessary documentation, including declaration and consent forms for participation in the Municipal Sports Schools. The entry of students to the clean areas will be restricted during training hours and duly marked drop off and pick up spaces will be established in the sports facilities for those parents who bring their children in vehicles.

All the information on the protocol for the protection and prevention of health against COVID-19 can be found on the website of the Department of Sports.


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