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The question of wearing a mask, the debate goes on.
The question of wearing a mask, the debate goes on.

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What a strange and fickle world. Politics is even stranger.

Sales people will tell you about ‘Buyer’s Remorse’.  It is when someone who is keen to buy something, before the deal is finalized suffers from regret and sorrow or guilt of buying, and they back out. From a sales point of view, it is important to close and finalise the transaction, before this happens.

After saving for a long time with your heart set on a certain type of motor car, the big day arrives. You march into the showroom to buy the one you have been pining for. You subsequently take delivery and drive it home.

Disappointment! It is not as nice as you thought and perhaps you should have had something different.

Then there is the time mulling over a particular item in a furniture shop, trying to decide on the correct colour, only to get it home to discover it was not the right one and the hues clash with your existing.

Perhaps the other one you had been considering would have been a better buy.

Politics is comparable to the two previous situations, but far more profound.

It is Election time and the candidates with different points of view argue their opinion to convince the people to vote for them. For many months as the election approaches, the detail of candidate’s opinion are expanded, almost to boredom.

The great day arrives, and the votes are cast. The following day a new administration is in place and before they have got their feet under the table of power, the very people who thought they were the party to makes things better, are criticising them for the way they are handling Government.

The current British Administration has had a journey of fire since being elected, every decision they have made has been criticised from friend and foe alike. ‘If ‘Lockdown’ had been applied a week earlier lives would have been saved.’ How that was worked out I have no idea.

The question of wearing a mask, the debate goes on.

Children are taught to put their hand over their mouth when they cough or sneeze. Dentists peering into the cavity of a mouth wear a mask. Surgeons when operating also wear a mask, doctors and nurses also do. People living in fumed filled domestic areas willingly wear a mask. Also many other places of work and situation requiring a face covering. Uncomfortable – yes, but I do not see it as a problem, but as a simple way of protecting oneself against a vibrant disease.

There is the argument that it is a way of controlling people, a sneaky way of total power over the masses.

Around the world organised groups march up and down city streets waving banners to object to being ordered to cover their faces as it is controlling. Not realising they are being organised and controlled by the very movement they are supporting.

Slowly, and despite all the work trying to prevent this disease, it creeps across the planet. We have been very lucky as it has not blighted our community until recently. That was until someone a couple of weeks ago travelled to a place where it was rife and brought it back with him. With three new cases discovered recently is it because of visitors with foreign cars arriving locally from afar?

Governments are very wise to restrict movement. If everyone was to follow the simple rule of social distancing, then the ability for it to leap from one person to another is removed, perhaps the world could then get in front of this horror.

If you so wish, you may go to a crowded pub or beach, but pray you must then pray that you will not need a ventilator shortly afterwards.

Percy Chattey, Author


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