• Drunk shouts to stewards ‘you’ll soon be out of a job with coronavirus’
  • Drunk served food and drinks by stewards shouts ‘This gin and tonic is better than the Kebab!’

By Andrew Atkinson Exclusive

An easyJet flight from Newcastle International Airport to Alicante-Elche airport on August 19 – with only 25 passengers on board – was disrupted by an alleged drunkard who abused stewards.

The drunken passenger, who was served alcohol by a steward, mocked the status of coronavirus job losses by shouting: ‘You’ll soon be out of a job with coronavirus’.

easyJet announced plans over 727 pilot redundancies as part of up to 4,500 job cuts and a restructuring, that includes closing bases at Stansted, Southend and Newcastle airports. The airline has blamed the collapse in air travel, due to the pandemic.

The allegations were brought to the attention of The Leader by passenger Jess Johnson who was on board with her partner Peter Purkins, who are on vacation in Los Montesinos, Alicante Spain: “It was quite shocking”, said Jess.

“It was unfortunate that the few people on board had to put up with the drunken behaviour – caused by just one person,” said Peter.

Jess said the drunkard was served food and drinks by the stewards and at one point shouted: “This gin and tonic is better than the Kebab!”.

The drunkard on board the flight from Newcastle to Alicante-Elche airport was told numerous times about behaviour, but continued to be abusive, whilst wearing a mask – under his chin. It is understood no arrest was made.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak hundreds of staff within the airline industry have lost their jobs since the initial start of COVID-19 in March and the subsequent ‘spike’ in new cases in July and August.

Many airlines have cancelled flights, with others cutting schedules up to and including September and October, that has put another nail in the coffin of many businesses throughout Spain.

Linekers Bar Ibiza

One popular business that has closed doors for the remainder of the year is Linekers bar in San Antonio, Ibiza, due to the coronavirus situation.

“Unfortunately it is with a heavy heart that Linekers Ibiza has had to close for the remainder of the 2020 season. Please stay safe and responsible during these difficult times,” said a spokesperson from Linekers Ibiza.


The Valencian Generalitat has brought in new laws aimed at businesses, that includes no music or Karaoke shows, unless by registered professionals with relevant documentation in place.


The Algorfa police announced on August 18 that new anti COVID-19 measures will be in place until September 7 with the closing of discos, Karaokes, dance halls and cocktail bars.

Suspension of performances in bars and restaurants, and maximum of 10 people per table and closing at 1am is also enforced, alongside smoking regulations.


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