In business, it’s standard practice for merchants to carry out market research of whatever goods they want to deal with, and most importantly, the best tools that will promote sales, and make the products stand out amidst the competition.

The same can be said of new sellers who wish to launch their products on Amazon, the thriving platform embroiled in so much competition.

It is crucial dealers do research on the best products to sell, and as such, they employ some software tools that will do thorough research and provide detailed information on the products. These tools, called Amazon seller tools, help sellers to optimize product listing, thereby supplementing profits. Some popular examples of the tools include Helium 10 and AMZ Scout, IO Scout, etc.

In this piece, we have put Helium 10 up with AMZ Scout to find the better FBA toolkit for Amazon sellers.

What are Helium 10 and AMZ Scout?

Helium 10 and AMZ Scout are Amazon tools used by sellers to garner insights and expose them to ideas on improving optimization practices. These tools also offer sellers a clear view of Amazon market place, tracking products, and understanding clear standards used to measure success.

Let’s jump right on to the comparison.


Helium 10 offers three plans and a free one. The free one, however, the free program is of limited features.

The Platinum plan, mainly for beginners, is about $97 monthly and $970 annual subscription. The Diamond plan, $197 monthly, and $1970 yearly subscription, for more experienced sellers. The last package, Elite, is for prominent business owners, and it comes with a price of $397 monthly subscription. It has no annual subscription.

AMZ Scout has just two plans, the PRO extension plan, and the business plan. The former comes with a price of $44.99 monthly subscription and the latter, $49.87 monthly subscription. Both packages have a 7-day payback guarantee.

Product Research

Helium 10 has an inbuilt tool called Blackbox. This contains about 400million products in its database. This seasoned tool allows users to search for the best selling products on Amazon and gives detailed information on the desired outcomes. It uses some filters like reviews, rate, and price, which allows sellers to quickly narrow down the search and pilot the app.

AMZ Scout offers user research in about 44 categories and allows users to set the seller type or product tier. Besides, you can streamline your search by navigating your search properties, such as setting the maximum and minimum price, ratings, weight, and much more.

Both apps have an efficient product research tool.

Keyword Tool

Helium 10 offers tools relevant to keywords; Cerebro, Magnet, Frankenstein. These three tools enhance keyword searches using a product ASIN or proffering the URL and search through Amazon’s different marketplaces. More so, these tools optimize your keyword search by removing unnecessary words from your search history.

AMZ Scout gives an hourly update on your keyword search and how your product ranks on result pages.

Besides, it provides information on the desired products and that of your competitor’s products.

FBA Calculator

Helium 10 and AMZ Scout both have a feature called the FBA calculator. It is used by sellers to calculate the estimated cost of products and generate marginal profit without hassle.

One interesting thing about Helium 10′ FBA calculator is that it can calculate the profitability of two or more products simultaneously from the Amazon product search page.

On AMZ Scout, the FBA calculator can calculate seller fees and profits. Also, it can retrieve information like weight, referral fee, etc.

However, you need Google Chrome to access it. Helium 10 is more preferred because of the ability to calculate the profit of multiple products.

Product Listing

The scribble tool on Helium 10, which functions just like the Amazon SEO tool, certifies that no essential word is omitted from your product listing and optimizes it. Scribble ensures that your product listing is content-rich by validating your keywords, removing irrelevant ones, checking for the number of keywords appearance, and much more. Besides, you can export your product listings and import pre-existing ones.

AMZ Scout has the Listing Wizard tool. With this tool, you can easily create a product within an hour.

You can also discover new keywords that can enhance your existing product listing with a better description and ultimately promote sales.

AMZ Scout Wizard tool is not fully developed. Hence, Helium 10 has a better product listing feature.

Third-Party Integration

Helium 10 embraces effortless integration through its portal tool. It can easily integrate with third-party platforms like Google Analytics, Facebook, etc. AMZ Scout has no third-party integration tools or platforms. With regards to Third-party integration, Helium 10 is better than AMZ Scout.

Helium 10 and AMZ Scout are both widely used by sellers on Amazon. Notwithstanding, Helium 10, with an abundance of tools on its web app, has more sophisticated features than AMZ Scout.

Helium 10 also has a user-friendly interface, which makes navigation easy for both new and professional users.

IO Scout

IO Scout is an FBA software toolkit that offers a variety of tools for its subscribers. IO Scout Amazon seller tools are designed to help Amazon sellers gain the information needed to make the best decisions for their business. These decisions help sellers stay ahead of competitors, but they also help ensure that you get all the information required to grow your online business.

IO Scout offers a number of tools including;

  • Sales estimator,
  • FBA calculator,
  • Product tracker,
  • Keyword tracker,
  • Listing builder.

IO Scout also offers a Chrome extension and a personal assistant feature that makes it valuable to Amazon sellers.


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