*Pressure to lift 14 days isolation by Spanish government and European Tourism Industry falls on deaf ears

By Andrew Atkinson

The Foreign Office says they will not lift the 14 days isolation imposed on travellers returning to the UK from Spain that has rocked the tourism industry.

The decision on August 10 comes amid Spain’s spike in coronavirus cases in late July and in August.

“A decrease in British Tourism has forced to start the gradual closure of hotels,” said a spokesperson for Majorcan Hotel Chains.

FEHM President, Maria Frontera, had predicted that the current situation would occur – if the quarantine on the Balearic Islands wasn’t lifted.

Thousands of tourists who booked holidays in Spain – cancelled – with Jet2, EasyJet Holidays and TUI UK has lead to businesses being put under financial pressure, on the back of the three months COVID-19 pandemic lockdown that began in March.

Dariusz Piechota and partner Edyta: Greece vacation.

Many holidaymakers destined for Spain have headed for Greece – as reported by The Leader with an exclusive interview with Dariusz Piechota – and Turkey, due to the 14 days UK isolation not being restricted by the UK in the country.

Spain has a big influx of tourists from Germany, with reports that many are having summer vacations, driving to Croatia and Italy this summer, instead.

The carrot dangled by Greece, to lure holidaymakers away from Spain, saw the country lower tourist VAT from 23% to 13% in August.

Turkey has also devalued the lira by 20% – with hoteliers slashing prices in some cases by over fifty percent. Moves that has seen an increase of both British and German tourists arrive.


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