With Covid STILL out there maybe you want to get away but don’t fancy anywhere too busy, so to avoid those crowded beaches or cities how about heading inland and enjoying some nature and tranquillity.

Sierra Espuna in the Murcia district, just under two hours in the car, so not too far to travel, but offers a vast difference in scenery.

It reminds me of Scotland with its rolling hills and wooded areas.

Sierra Espuna National Park has many nature walks of differing lengths, where it is possible to see a variety of animal species, including wild boar.

If you dare you can go paragliding, where you can take off from the top of a mountain. What a wondrous way to see this stunning area. If you are able to do it late in the afternoon, it is possible to witness the stunning sunset while up in the air.

Never done paragliding before, no worries, they do tandem flights with an experienced paraglider.

If you have lots of energy and are able to reach a hill summit you are likely to see a snow well, it looks like a mud hut. There are around 25 of them dotted about and were used to store snow, to supply ice to the surrounding area. They date from the 16th century.

In the Leyua Ravine there are more than 100 climbing tracks, for all levels of climbers. Always fancied a go but never done it – well maybe here is your chance.

For younger children there is a walk called the route of the Dinosaurs. This is a circular walk 1.5k and it has a rope bridge and a place where children can see a dinosaur’s foot in the rocks.

It is a comfortable walk through the pine forest, it starts from the Visitors Centre at Richard Cordoniu Centre car park – as do most of their walks. There are different levels of walks, maps and directions are available from the centre.

A short 1k walk takes you to a café bar in a nice wooded setting, also available by car.

There are some hotels and camping sites nearby that offer activities such as quads, cycles, horse riding and canoe trips.

The scenery is lovely and can be like a breath of fresh air, as it is so tranquil and peaceful.

Mula is a town around 30 minutes from the Visitors Centre in Sierra Espuna, and around 30 minutes from Murcia. It is an old town with a myriad of interesting narrows streets, nestling on top of the town are the ruins of what was once a majestic castle which sadly you are unable to go in. Mula is best known for the tamboradas, or procession of the drums, held at Easter.

The original Palace of Velez is now a Museum, Museo de Arte Iberico el Cigarralejo, it is free to enter and full of ancient artefacts that have been excavated in the area.

There is one of the most important rock sites close by called the Abrigo del Milano, here on the rocks are paintings that go back to the Eneolithic period 6,000 years ago. It’s incredible that that these are still here to be seen.

Just outside the town are the thermal baths in Fuente Caputa.

I thought these would be outside but they are indoors, they are separate rooms with subdued lighting very relaxing and cheap. Right next door is a fabulous restaurant with delicious food and lovely ambience overlooking a river?

There is a fantastic handicrafts market in Las Cuatro Plazas every second Sunday of each month from September to May.

It is possible to see live artisan demonstrations and take part in activities and entertainment. What a great way to spend a Sunday relaxing and having a bit of fun too.

The list goes on with places nearby Caravaca de la Cruz being one.

If its scenery you like then Sierra Espuna is a massive area to explore with all sorts of changing landscapes.

Its close enough for a day trip, but a few days would be better, to be able to take in all the sites, scenery and activities.

We just don’t realise what interesting, stunning scenery and activities are on our doorstep.


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