• Valencian president Puig and the ministers Duque and Escrivá together in Jávea without a mask

New controversy over the lack of use of masks by senior politicians. On this occasion, it was the Valencian president, Ximo Puig and the ministers of Science and Social Security, Pedro Duque and José Luis Escrivá who have provoked criticism by having a picture taken without wearing a mask.

Indeed there were no masks and neither was their social distancing as they were joined by the former Minister of the Interior, Antonio Camacho, and the socialist mayor of the town, José Chulvi.

The photograph was taken next to la playa de la Barraca whilst they were having an informal meal together.  This was the excuse that the three politicians used for not wearing their masks, something that is mandatory at all times in the Valencian Community, as ordered by the President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig himself.

Needless to say the opposition Partido Popular were quick to pick up on the matter, requesting that the matter be investigated. They have said that they will present a complaint to the Valencia Ministry of Justice so that a sanctioning file be opened against all those who appear in the photograph.

According to the PP statement, “Valencian and Spanish society expects that the attitude of the president of the Generalitat, two Government ministers, a former minister and the mayor of Javea is exemplary and does not flaunt or breach required standards”.

The mayor of Jávea has asked for forgiveness on his Facebook page. “Hello friends, a couple of days ago I shared a photo on the Barraca beach with the president of the Generalitat and two ministers that has caused some controversy,” he acknowledged.

“First of all, I want to apologise to people who might have been hurt by the image. I fully understand. It is a very difficult time and every gesture counts, especially by those who are in responsible positions.”

“I admit it is an unfortunate example, but what is not correct is that now the Popular Party wants to take the photo out of context and in a bad way,” he wrote.


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