• The lack of control of cases in Valencia forces Health to take measures
  • Family gatherings are limited and premises must close by 1.30am
  • The measures apply only to Valencia City

The constant increase in the number of cases and outbreaks in the city of Valencia has forced the Ministry of Health to take measures and introduce new restrictions that affect the capital of Turia. The decision has been made after learning that 35% of the regional outbreaks have occurred in the city.

The new measures limit meetings, increase the safety distance and also affect nightlife. All of them will come into force as of today, Friday, August 14, and will last for 14 calendar days.

“Given that the situation in the city of Valencia is growing, we have had to take new measures,” explained Minister Barceló, who also reported that 358 new positive cases had been detected in the last 24 hours.

The measures that Health has announced:

In the hospitality sector, 1.5 m must be guaranteed between people at different tables, and the maximum occupancy will be 10 people per table or group. In addition, establishments must close by 1:30 a.m.

Care homes will be closed, other than exceptions for health reasons or under medical criteria.

In hotels, the capacity in common areas is limited to 60% of their capacity and common activities may not exceed 25 people.

Nightlife venues must close by 1.30 am and will not be able to use dance floors.

Meetings with family and friends are limited to 15 people, always respecting the safety distance between attendees.

Consumption of alcohol in public spaces will not be allowed

All these measures will affect only the city of Valencia, not its metropolitan area. They will come into force as of today and will last 14 calendar days.