• This measure considerably reduces response times with faster and more efficient service

The Torrevieja Health Department, managed by Ribera Salud group, has improved its telephone system with the aim of improving patient care in health centres and thus enabling individuals to better manage their medical and nursing appointments.

Response times are considerably reduced with a faster and more efficient service. The patient care lines have recently been improved with more staff that it is hoped will streamline the handling of calls. “We have supplemented our patient care teams with more staff, thus complementing the existing system. This measure will considerably reduce our response times with a faster and more efficient service”, according to the Department’s Management.

Of course, in addition to this improved measure, Ribera Salud also has the YOsalud tool that allows members of the public to register with their medical centre online enabling the booking of consultations without the need to go to health centres.

YOsalud allows the patient to access their health information from anywhere, avoiding unnecessary travel and interacting with healthcare professionals directly and quickly.

It is also an important tool for healthcare staff, as it achieves better and greater control of patients, especially those with chronic conditions.

The app is available on the front page of the Torrevieja Hospital website at:



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