Following the suspension of sports earlier this year, major football leagues around the world resumed matches with significant changes. Some of the changes that were put in place for the safety of the players included playing behind closed stadiums and several other health measures. 

Despite these changes, there were enough games for punters to enjoy the best bonuses at doing what they love most. Fortunately, you can still redeem the bonuses at the site, whether you’re a sports fan or a casino enthusiast. However, most football fans are still wondering who the losers and winners post-lockdown were.

Football’s Post Lockdown Winners and Losers

After a month of no football action, the return of the major leagues in Europe recorded mixed results. Some of the teams were struggling to pick up the pace while others went on to a winning streak. In the Bundesliga, Bayern Munich was desperately eyeing for the cup, and their determination was evident in all their nine games after returning. Fortunately, their efforts paid off, and they got rewarded with the Bundesliga title. 

In La Liga, Real Madrid picked up from where they left, going on a winning streak where they won ten out of their eleven remaining games. Interestingly, Italy and England’s champions didn’t produce the best performance post lockdown. Both Juventus and Liverpool had secured their positions in Serie A and EPL early in the season. 

In the EPL, Manchester City ranked as the best performing team after the resumption of season. The team boasted of the best defense this season, especially after resuming the 2019/2020 season, scoring lots of goals for fun. Even better, the team only conceded four goals in all their remaining ten games. On the other side, AC Milan ranked as the best performing team in Serie A.

After a sixteen-year absence from the English premier league, Leeds United secured a spot in the premier league after winning the championship title. The team had an average goal of 2.44 points to win the title. 

On the losing side, Norwich would love to forget the return of the premier league. That is after losing all the nine games, making them relegated from the EPL. The Canaries failed to rise past the relegation zone this year, as it was the only team that couldn’t secure even a single point post lockdown.

Looking at the best teams in the league, Manchester City had the best form throughout the season and the best turnaround post lockdown. The team managed to secure several points after returning to action, conceding only a few goals. However, Bournemouth, Norwich City, and Watford weren’t as lucky, ranking among EPL’s biggest losers. As such, the three teams face relegation next season as Leeds United and West Bromwich get promoted to the EPL.


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